Guidelines for MedRen 2021 Sessions



Q: How will my presentation be made available to audiences?

If you are presenting in-person or presenting live but remotely via Zoom, your presentation will be streamed live via unlisted YouTube playlists. Links to the playlists will be shared with all registered participants on 28 June. If you are offering a pre-recorded video, this will be available via the playlists.

Q: Will in-person delegates be able to address directly presenters participating remotely?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with a videoconference system that allows you to be heard by and hear remote participants.

Q: How will remote participants who are participating as audience members ask questions after a presentation?

Remote participants who are participating as audience members will ask questions via the YouTube chat. A technical assistant will relay these comments to the chair, via Zoom chat if the chair is participating remotely.

Q: Who will be responsible for coordinating questions after the presentation?

The session chair in coordination with a technical assistant, present in the room, who will be monitoring the YouTube chat.

Q: All participants in my session are presenting remotely. To what extent will it be possible to interact with other conference participants?

There’s a videoconference system in the room that allows you to interact directly with the room. In-person participants will be able to do the same from their seats, since they will be heard via an omni microphone on the wall.

Q: I am chairing a session that includes speakers participating remotely. How much technical know-how do I need?

A technical assistant will be on-hand to help with all technical aspects of the session. But some Zoom experience will be helpful.

Q: I am chairing a session remotely via Zoom. How will this work?

You will be able to hear and interact directly with presenters in the room. A technical assistant present in the room will relay questions from the YouTube chat via the chat feature on Zoom. We recommend that you take questions from the floor to begin with and then address speakers with questions from YouTube.

Q: My presentation includes a handout and / or other supplementary materials. How can I ensure that all delegates receive it?

As communicated previously, you will need to send handouts or links to supplementary materials by 28 June. They will be placed in Google Drive folders accessible to registered participants only, links to which will be provided via the programme pages of the conference website.

In summary:


  • Presentations will be made in person and/or through a video-conference platform (Zoom) remotely (either a live presentation or a pre-recorded video). All sessions will be streamed via CESEM’s channel on YouTube (unlisted). The pre-recorded presentations will be streamed by the MedRen Team (if received by 15 June) though presenters may choose to stream a video via Zoom if they are opting to present live via Zoom.
  • Question and answer sessions involve in-person delegates at Lisbon (there’s a video-conference system in the rooms, so their questions will be heard by online delegates), and online delegates via the chat on YouTube. Chairs will ensure that questions from the floor and as many as possible from the chat are answered within the time available.
  • Two people from the organization team will help the moderator (whether present in person or moderating remotely) and to communicate silently with him/her/them (when possible) through the Zoom chat. This team will monitor the questions or observations made on YouTube.
  • The pre-recorded presentations will be made available on CESEM’s YouTube channel one week before the conference starts.
  • Sessions materials, like handouts, will be placed in Drive folders accessible to registered participants only, links to which will be provided via the programme pages of the conference website. They will also be made available via a link within the YouTube video description.


Download guidelines here.