Barbara HAGGH-HUGLO, Professor of Music at the University of Maryland, College Park, has published editions of chant for Hilary of Poitiers and Elizabeth of Hungary, edited several books, and published more than 100 articles on medieval and Renaissance sacred music, composers, towns, courts, and music theory, including studies on the Order of the Golden Fleece and Mexican offices. The book provides complete documentation for the history of Du Fay’s office, the first study of Du Fay and the organ, editions of his and a later Recollectio Office, transcriptions of more than forty documents, and a catalogue of the more than 220 liturgical sources of the two Recollectio Offices. Dr. Haggh-Huglo has served the IMS as Vice President, Program Chair, and Member of the Directorium, and is a member of the Program Committee for IMS 2022. She is a former Chair of the IMS Study Group “Cantus planus,” and a member of the editorial board of the series Historiae now with more than thirty published volumes, and of other periodicals.